What happens to my car if I file bankruptcy?

For many of us our car is our lifeline to work, family and getting all those day-to-day chores done. The fear of losing our means of getting around and being able to report to work daily, pick the children up at school and putting food on the table can be overwhelming. So what are some of the options available in...

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What is a meeting of creditors like?

Don’t panic! The “Section 341” or “Meeting of Creditors” is a normal part of the bankruptcy process.  The Section 341 meeting is usually scheduled within thirty (30) days of the filing of your petition. You will receive a notice from the Bankruptcy Court designating the date, time and place of your Section 342 meeting. Your Chapter 7 Trustee is typically...

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Should I Stop Paying Creditors If I’m Going to File for Bankruptcy?

If you, like so many other Americans, need a fresh financial start you may have lots of questions about what bills to continue paying and which to let the bankruptcy court handle.  Your experienced attorney will be able to guide you through these sometimes complex steps.  To help you begin to navigate this process, here is a list of bills...

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