Massachusetts Laws in Bankruptcy

Do you live in Massachusetts? Need to file for bankruptcy? While most bankruptcy laws including filing procedures are mandated by federalbankruptcy laws, there are some state specific details that filers should be aware of before completing a petition. For example there are some differences in federal and Massachusetts state laws regarding the exemptions that filers are allowed to use to...

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Creditor’s Rights in Bankruptcy

Are you a creditor wondering what your options are in a bankruptcy case? Creditors (a person or entity who has a right to payment from a debtor) have options and methods to respond to a bankruptcy case but should always seek the advice of experienced counsel since their rights are fairly complex.  Many creditors give up recovering their money upon...

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Famous People Who Filed for Bankruptcy

Facing the prospect of bankruptcy?   Life as you know it is NOT over!  More than a million and a half Americans file for bankruptcy each year.  If you are thinking that your financial situation can never be revived once you have filed, then think again. It is always possible to turn things around as many well-known and successful personalities have...

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What is an automatic stay?

Tired of the harassing phone calls or threatening letters from creditors?  Looking for some relief from creditors and a chance to regroup financially? The moment you file for bankruptcy an automatic stay will help you with these situations. When you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, something called an automatic stay immediately goes into effect. It is an...

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