Student Loan Forgiveness

You studied for long hours, worked hard, graduated and found your first job!  Congratulations.  But now you also have mounting debt from all those loans that got you through school in the first place.  Maybe you can manage for a few years to handle it through economic hardship deferment or forbearances.  But eventually something has to happen: either you find...

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Famous Musicians who have Filed for Bankruptcy

Famous Musicians who have Filed Bankruptcy Bankruptcy evoke a variety of emotions . . . from shame to embarrassment to grief.  While all of these are natural reactions, it is always good to know that you are not alone.  Last year, over 1.7 million people petitioned for bankruptcy for many different reasons.  It may be helpful to know that life...

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Medical Bills and Bankruptcy

An accident, sudden illness, emergency surgery or a chronic medical condition.  The bills from any of these medical situations can be insurmountable and overwhelming for many families. Rising medical bills are expected to push 1.7 million American households into bankruptcy this year—making health expenses the single biggest cause of such filings.  This outpaces bankruptcies due to credit-card bills or unpaid...

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What is debt consolidation?

Struggling with debt is no fun.  In fact the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights can be overwhelming.  If you are looking for possible solutions, one option may be debt consolidation.  Depending on your financial situation, combining your debts into one, and making one monthly payment to one creditor instead of making multiple payments to many creditors may be a viable...

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