Bankruptcy while serving in the Military

Serving in our military is an amazingly honorable and selfless thing to do. Unfortunately, your sacrifice and commitment to our country can sometimes be a source of financial difficulties.  This is especially true when personnel are serving overseas and can not provide for their families in the manner in which they are used causing economic strain.  If you are in...

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Essential Documents of Bankruptcy

Here is a quick synopsis of the types of documents you will need to file for bankruptcy and discharge your debts.   Tax Returns – A copy of your last three year’s tax returns is needed. If you haven’t filed them, then you’ll very likely have to report that to the bankruptcy court and also provide valid reasons for not...

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Famous Politicians Who Have Filed for Bankruptcy

In past months we have discussed famous people who faced bankruptcy and yet, still went on to lead full, successful lives.  Famous people, musicians, actors and even politicians have faced the difficult decision to petition for bankruptcy.  This month we will look at some of the nation’s famous politicians throughout history from the position of president down to local representatives...

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Credit Card Lawsuits in a Bankruptcy

Financial difficulties and hard times have caused a credit card company to file a lawsuit against you.  After careful review of your finances and a consultation with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney, you have decided that bankruptcy is your best option.  While this is most definitely NOT the end of the world there are some questions to consider in regards to...

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