Employment and Bankruptcy

Tabula rasa.  A blank slate.  You are starting with a clean slate now that you have declared bankruptcy.  Now that you have your head above water and are looking for new employment, you may wonder how that bankruptcy and a low credit score will impact your job search (or even your current job.) This is a common concern among the...

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Cosigners and Bankruptcy

Friends and relatives can be a great support in hard times.  This is especially true if you need a little “back up” for financial issues.  Sometimes people wthl low credit scores are required to have a cosigner on loans and credit applications. What happens to those friends or relatives that stepped up to help you now that you are considering...

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Is getting a loan after bankruptcy possible?

Bankruptcy, while no longer uncommon and certainly not the end of the world, still leaves people with the stigma of a low credit score and questions about their financial character . . . will the post-discharge debtor be able to manage his/her finances, be financially responsible and have the financial wherewithal to repay future obligations.  If you have had to...

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Wage Garnishment and Bankruptcy

You work hard.  You try to get ahead.  But sometimes life gets messy and you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels.  Perhaps a medical crisis, life event or just staying on top of your bills was the cause of your financial catastrophe.  If part of the problem includes a wage garnishment action from one of your creditors (or, you...

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