Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy

February 07, 2019  |   Posted by :   |   bankruptcy,credit counseling   |   0 Comments

Filing for bankruptcy can mean a fresh start and a way out from underneath crushing bills due to a medical emergency, a divorce, or a life event that was unforeseen. It can also mean a time to learn about credit and how to use it wisely. Credit counseling, therefore, is an integral part of both […]

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Should You Declare Bankruptcy?

January 16, 2019  |   Posted by :   |   bankruptcy,debt   |   0 Comments

Bankruptcy can be a scary idea, especially for people who have never had to consider it in their lifetime. Thankfully, bankruptcy rates are beginning to decline since the collapse of the market when millions of people every year would file. Now, under 800,000 Americans file yearly. This is overall good news. However, with the number […]

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What are your Rights When it Comes to Wage Garnishments?

January 02, 2019  |   Posted by :   |   bankruptcy,wage garnishment   |   0 Comments

You work hard for your money and those paychecks are all-too-important, especially when you are struggling financially. So what happens when your debts cause a wage garnishment? Do you have any rights? Let’s explore closer what a wage garnishment means to your overall financial wellbeing.   What are Wage Garnishments? A wage garnishment is when […]

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Filing for Bankruptcy

December 19, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   bankruptcy,debt   |   0 Comments

If you have suffered an overwhelming financial hardship, you may be starting to weigh whether filing for bankruptcy is a viable alternative to the mounting piles of bills or the harassing creditor phone calls. Bankruptcy is a good choice for many who need a fresh start or want to consolidate their bills and be allowed […]

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Case Study – Even the Famous are not Immune from Bankruptcy – 50 Cent

December 12, 2018  |   Posted by :   |   bankruptcy   |   0 Comments

Usually, when you think of the rich and famous, you envision mansions, flashy jewelry, and a lavish lifestyle. Unfortunately, even the more famous of us are not immune to the pitfalls of credit card debt and medical bills piling up. Think of some of the famous names in the news that were, and for some, […]

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