Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Your bankruptcy papers have been filed.  You’ve survived the anxiety and uncertainty of a process that you had no knowledge about months ago. You are excited to start fresh and have that clean financial slate that bankruptcy has given you. Now it is time to start rebuilding your credit and stabilizing your finances.  How can this be accomplished? Is the...

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Bankruptcy and College Savings

With the ever-spiraling cost of higher education today, saving money for your child’s college education is a difficult and sometimes impossible task.  However, you scrimped and saved meticulously planning so your child would not be burdened with student loans for years to come.  The 529 State Tuition Plan was a perfect way for you put aside money each year. Unfortunately,...

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What happens to my car if I file for bankruptcy?

For many people, their car is their lifeline.  It may be needed for work, school, child care, medical appointments and the numerous errands that need to get done daily.  So, if financial problems lead to bankruptcy,  what happens to that lifeline? Believe it or not there are some options when it comes to your vehicle and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Let’s...

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Famous Athletes Who Filed For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is not the end of the world.  In fact, many famous celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, musicians and even our beloved athletes have had financial troubles.  Whether it is the struggling economy, mismanagement of funds or life events that is the cause, bankruptcy can impact anyone.  Recovery from bankruptcy is possible no matter what walk of life you come...

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