Creditor Harassment

Using Bankruptcy to Stop Creditor Harassment

After a certain period of time (in today’s interconnected world, it is often immediately), when you neglect to pay your creditors pursuant to their expectations, they become like sharks with blood in the water seeking their money. Harassing phone calls to you, your family, you neighbors, your employers, threatening letters, wage garnishments and liens are all typically tactics of the harassing creditor. You would think that it is their money they are chasing.

However, just because these outrageous practices are tolerated as “normal” does not mean they need to be tolerated or that you need to be a sitting duck for their harassment. Many debtors dread getting the mail or answering phone calls because they are afraid of the abuse they might receive from creditors or collection agencies.   Most debtors are not happy to be in this situation, but the collectors do not care.

If you dread the ringing of your phone (caller ID is a godsend) and you head is placed firmly in the sand, it is important for you to know that there is a way to stop creditor harassment immediately. When you work with an experienced lawyer, you can file bankruptcy to immediately stop creditor harassment. At the Levine Law Office, , we have over 33 years of experience using bankruptcy to protect individuals from creditor harassment.

Understanding the Connection Between a Bankruptcy and Creditor Harassment

When a person files bankruptcy, in most instances an automatic stay goes into effect immediately. The automatic stay prohibits creditors from making any further collection efforts from contacting debtors for any reason to even sending a monthly statement of account. If creditors do not stop collection efforts, they can be held in contempt by the Bankruptcy Court.

Once the Levine Law Office has been retained to represent you (and this may be prior to the filing of your bankruptcy), we may still be able to work with your creditors to encourage them to stop harassing you. Once answer that call and tell the collector that you have retained the Levine Law Office to retain you in your bankruptcy filing and that all future contact should be made to use, we take it from there. Unfortunately, it may sometimes take several requests by you for them to make that call, but in those instances, at your request, we can call the harassing collector directly.  In many cases today, communication between the Levine Law Office and your creditor is complicated by the creditor’s requirement of your written authorization or power of attorney. Paper for paper’s sake, but they will not talk without it.

A Massachusetts Attorney Who Can Help You Stop Bill Collector Calls

Do not subject yourself to unnecessary debt collection calls and creditor harassment when help is available. The Levine Law Office – – Providing clear solutions for your financial confusion for over thirty years!  Contact us online or call today to schedule your FREE consultation and find out if bankruptcy is right for you.