Married couples battle over many things, but money probably tops the list of issues most argued about. If a couple was struggling financially during the marriage, the debt of one or the other continues to follow the responsible spouse post-divorce. All too often, a former spouse’s financial situation post-divorce gets worse not better.

Paying the monthly bills can be hard enough with two incomes, but after a divorce, life is different in the extreme. Many former spouses find themselves struggling to pay for two households, paying for or having to live on fixed/limited income or having issues receiving or paying child support and/or spousal support. Ultimately, the divorce can lead to one or both spouses being forced into seeking to contemplate the filing of a bankruptcy to provide needed financial relief. The Levine Law Office can advise you about:

  • Chapter 7 and divorce
  • Chapter 13 and divorce
  • Bankruptcy and alimony
  • Foreclosure and divorce

If you are unable to maintain your financial obligations, it is important to work with an bankruptcy attorney who has experience in the financial problems facing people who have suffered a divorce (N.B. a bankruptcy attorney does not replace the need for you to obtain the services of an experienced divorce attorney to represent you in your divorce if you have not done so already). Regain control of your finances.

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