Wage Garnishment

Keep Your Income and Stop Wage Garnishment

Creditors will go to many lengths in their attempts to collect their debt. One of their often effective ways is the wage garnishment. An action seeking a wage garnishment allows a creditor to have some portion of your hard earned wages automatically removed from your paycheck and paid over to the creditor to be applied to your debt. A bad situation has now been made worse.

If you have been notified that a creditor is seeking to garnish your wages or if your wages have already been garnished, you have the power to take action to stop the seizure of your wages.   Don’t be an ostrich with your head in the sand, do something! At Levine Law Office, we use our over 33 years of representing debtors to deal with creditor harassment and wage garnishment cases when representing our clients.

Take Action on a Garnishment Notification

Legal matters do not just occur. The legal process can be lengthy and notices are often part of the process. A debtor will be notified prior to before a wage garnishment takes place. It is important that you do not ignore any notification of wage garnishment (N.B. It is important that any notice you receive not be ignored). Upon receiving notice of a wage garnishment, seek out the assistance of counsel to provide guidance and help you understand the consequences of the creditor’s action and how you may be able to stop it. Do not allow yourself to be prey to your creditors. You have options! Learn about them!

If you remain inert and do nothing about a lawsuit or notice of wage garnishment, ignorance is not always bliss, a default judgment may be entered against you. This may enable the creditor to have your wages garnished.

The sooner you involve the Levine Law Office in working with you to find a resolution to your wage garnishment issues, the easier you will sleep. We meet with you, analyze your situation and them work closely with you to determine the most appropriate manner in which to proceed. Whatever our recommendation, be it a bankruptcy filing to stop all collection activity against you or some other avenue that seeks debt resolution, it is based on your specific situation. Every case is different and addressed with that in mind.

A bankruptcy can help you put a stop to the wage garnishment and allow you to keep the money you have slaved so hard to earn.